120 opens doors….

don’t know if you heard about this, but it is huge. A poor America Blackman has infiltrated one of the most powerful families on the planet with his knowledge of self. You can scream it’s a Caucasian woman all you want, but Wallace Fard infiltrated America the same way. If you ever had the chance to read 120 you would know of Yakub’s process of separating the germ/gene by diluting it. How you change it is by reversing the process, not going to war and chopping heads off in a bloody massacre. Remember they practice eugenics to keep things intact.

You know Kanye is somewhere saying “why didn’t I think of that?”. Because you prA’li ain’t read 120 Mr. West.

Now we don’t know where this is going, but to be realistic, homegirl risked tearing up her fixed marriage and even told her “husband” to try seeing some other women while she got piped down by Jay. She don’t be coming home. Jay’s her boo. And Jay’s knowledge of self had him link up with Puff, smash Erykah, get a million dollar check cut by Hov, and now lay next to a young, female Rothschild. I would be in no rush to release an album too. And don’t forget she has the power to make a call and get this been finished album released without a single.

Oh yeah, you can talk about illumination but his g’ma is dying in LA. Is that what you’re looking for?

Applaud that man’s movements, powered by 120. I see it, do you? Search for that battery and empower yourself.