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A $ykotic perspective….

A hologram, huh? Do not be surprised if they have the light saber 60% complete. I remember when people were saying be aware of the mark, but they have been readily accepting it in forms of voice activated text messaging (keeps your voice patterns on file), social network facial recognition photos, and fingerprint ID (for smartphone security, but will also go into the databank).

Is the backlash really about Pac, or the realization that technology is more serious than you thought and not the tool you think it is?

A friend of mine was upset the other day because I was on his smartphone WiFi draining his battery while sitting right next to him using my laptop. Think about that the next time you wait at the bus stop by a WiFi spot or sit in the park and your icon is flashing. They already have a prototype (Google) for augmented (virtual) glasses, contact lenses too. You really need that fam? You need that like you need 3D sunglasses to walk around and see things in 3D in the 3rd dimension. Read that again slowly. You really need augmented contacts to update your social media, watch a Kanye video, check email and get RSS feeds like how Predator saw things? Po-Po won’t need your ID anymore though. If there are hackers who can get into the feds and NASA’s servers, what makes you think they can’t get into Secure Lock or Lifelock? I feel sorry for the sheep that purchased the Comcast home security package and is watching a looped video on their smartphone of a safe and quiet house like they did on ‘Oceans Ten’ while the home is being burglarized.

All of that previously released music uploaded by users who had cassettes and vinyl they wanted to share with people (rap, disco, house, r&b, etc) will be gone soon, no permission. They re-instated the case against You Tube (Google) a couple of weeks ago for uploads containing copyright infringing content, no coincidence it’s around the same time the ISP Act (when they will search IP addresses for content) is starting (Comcast=NBC/Universal, Time Warner=Warner Bros). In a few years, especially to the new generation, it will be like all of that older music never existed, a figment of our old school imagination. Screen shot software deters copy and pasting, pictures most likely will be the last thing modified. Most websites will fold (sykoticfiles will be there, just have plenty of dead embeds no uploads used), and the mainstays, the ones who can get permission/exclusives/attorneys will be left. R&WIFDP and bboycult are prone too, they have to make sure any music used contains no copyrighted elements in the material submitted or they face cease and desists or a seizure of the site. Even now, websites delete or moderate URLs because they do not want to be exposed to PIPA (it’s in effect) and the later on revised SOPA. Internet comments can be scrutinized and punishable under the Arizona law they’re about to pass to deter unwarranted comments, spam and cyber bullying. Remember in ’05-’06 when they were saying the internet game would change in 2012? Still believe it’s not true? Still believe the web is the new way to get in the industry? Little man from around the way has ZERO chance unless they pay for a post, uses no samples and all original music, and knows somebody who can get them thru thousands of submitted emails to even warrant a serious look.

This was not only inspired by the hologram, but the laptop scenario above and Federal Ranga & another friend of mines email getting hacked, 2 people thousands of miles apart, but the bot sent me to the same corroded URL.